When the day finally comes for a woman to move into her own apartment, what should become of her relationship with On The Rise? Our goal is to continue to support each woman who needs us once she has moved into her own home.

In 2018:

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The challenges of being poor, or maintaining sobriety, or managing physical and mental health issues, do not go away once a woman has the keys to her apartment. These challenges often persist, and new challenges arise—feeling isolated, managing money, living independently, and making connections in a new community.  The social support and early intervention provided by On The Rise has proven critical to helping women maintain their housing.

Keep The Keys offers the following services:

  • Housing search support

  • Move-in support (including referrals to furniture banks and soliciting donations of household items)

  • Communication and advocacy with landlords/property managers

  • Home visits

  • Personalized goal plans

  • Accompaniment and orientation to stores, community centers, public transportation and other resources in the new neighborhood

  • “Our Place”, a weekly support and education group

  • Emergency funds for utilities or rent when necessary to avoid eviction

  • Access to all of the amenities at On The Rise’s Safe Haven during designated ‘Keep The Keys’ hours

88% of women who acquired housing in the last five years and have stayed connected with OTR through Keep The Keys are still housed today!