Safety, community, and advocacy for homeless and formerly-homeless women


On The Rise creates a community where women have the relationships, safety and resources they need to move out of homelessness. We engage with those most in need and support their initiative and strength as they move beyond crisis and discover new possibilities.


Our Core Values


No one is beyond help.  On The Rise seeks out and welcomes those who have the fewest alternatives.

Safety is a prerequisite to meaningful self-determination.

Self determination
Each woman has the right to privacy, the right to decide if and when to share her story, the right to define her own needs and goals, and the right to decide how to relate to On The Rise and its community.

On The Rise is responsible for creating an environment where people of very different backgrounds feel respected and valued.

An essential outcome of the day program is caring, constructive, competent relationships. On The Rise builds relationships upon a foundation of nonjudgmental engagement, respect, dignity, honesty and accountability.

Each woman is more than the sum of her "problems" or "diagnoses"; On The Rise expects to go beyond single-issue or short-term interventions to achieve sustainable solutions for whole persons.

Creating community is a powerful approach to creating change.


Volunteer Opportunities

For the first time in a long time, I felt a part of a community. [On The Rise] works with each of us women as a ‘whole’ from inside to out.
— A woman at On The Rise

Our Partners & Supporters