Mortar-Between-The-Bricks Support

On The Rise's Community Advocates accompany women in the community to help her build connections, navigate services, and support her work on specific issues.

Advocates provide support and/or advocacy to women as they begin to address the issues that led to their homeless and take steps towards their goals. Advocates draw on their relationship with each woman and their extensive knowledge of the resources in our community to facilitate her access and success.

We often refer to our accompaniment and advocacy work as the “mortar-between-the-bricks” because we provide the practical, emotional, and professional support (the mortar) for women that improves their ability to successfully find, access, and participate in specialized programs (the bricks).

Each year, our Community Advocates provide more than 1,200 occasions of support, accompaniment and advocacy out in the community with more than 150 women. The advocates assist women in addressing issues such as housing, physical and mental health, domestic violence, substance use and abuse, legal and immigration issues, employment, and education.