You can coordinate a drive to collect basic household items for one woman as she moves into her new apartment. 

With your help, she can get settled a little more quickly and continue to work on the challenges that surround her.  We will send you a bio of the woman you are helping and her personal wishlist. You coordinate the drive for new items from her list and deliver them to On The Rise. We will bring everything to the woman’s house.  The list generally includes household items and small appliances, not furniture. 

We will send you a current bio and wish list of a woman who recently moved into housing so you can provide her with the essentials to settle into her apartment.

Here is link to sample biographies of women who already moved into housing. This will give you an idea as to what women need when the move.

A few guidelines:

  • We ask that all items are new, unless otherwise noted.
  • Drives need to be completed and delivered to On The Rise within 3 weeks.
  • Our staff work closely with each woman to make sure that her list only includes the items she really needs to make her home feel like a fresh start filled with hope and new possibilities. We ask that you help us:

    1. Ensure that the donated items are on the woman's wish list (if you have additional items or extras please let us know before bringing to On The Rise so we can find out if they are wanted)

    2. Accept only NEW items, and when noted ensure that "like new" items are really in excellent condition.

  • If anything is oversized, or difficult for one woman to carry on her own, please advise in advance.  On The Rise does not own a truck to transport oversized items, like furniture. Please let us know if you have the capacity to deliver and lift such items and we will meet you at a woman’s home to help.
  • We welcome gift cards to home stores that a woman can use to purchase items for herself to supplement missing items from her list.

To get started, contact Keyton Sheely, Development Coordinator at 617-497-7968 Ext. 36  or