An Excellent Place to Work 

On The Rise's Management Team and Board of Directors are committed to running a secure, stable organization with a strong infrastructure. 

On The Rise strives to be a premier provider of services and an excellent place to work. Every member of On The Rise’s 15-person staff is integral to achieving our mission. When opportunities arise, we will post them on this website and on

On The Rise creates a community where women have the relationships, safety and resources they need to move out of homelessness.  We engage with those most in need and support their initiative and strength as they move beyond crisis and discover new possibilities.

On The Rise is a community-based organization with 15 employees and an annual budget of approximately $1M, from private philanthropy (80%) and government contracts (20%).   On The Rise is committed to excellence, innovation and continuing evolution. We are committed to providing highly accountable and responsive programming and being an excellent place to work.

Safe Haven Intern

Description of Position
OTR’s Safe Haven Interns provide direct service in OTR’s flagship program, helping to deliver the goods and services available through the Safe Haven and fostering a supportive community in which program participants can progress beyond their immediate tangible needs and begin to gain access to the broader social service network through OTR’s team of Advocates.  In the Safe Haven, interns begin to develop hands-on experience with the population OTR serves, learning about the variety and complexity of the women’s challenges, and the cumulative impact of trauma in their lives.  Working with OTR’s Community Advocates, interns learn effective techniques and practices of providing holistic services, using a relational model informed by the philosophy of harm reduction.

OTR’s internships are unpaid.

On The Rise is recruiting interns for the summer as well as academic year.

  • The Safe Haven Summer Internship requires a minimum commitment of 20 hours per week for 3-months.  The summer internship runs late-May through mid-August.   College juniors, seniors or graduates are preferred.  Interns are supervised by OTR’s Safe Haven Advocates.
  • The Safe Haven Academic Year Internship requires a minimum of 16 hours per week for the entire academic year.  College juniors, seniors or graduates are preferred.  Interns are supervised by OTR's Safe Haven Advocates.

Interns will have interest in the mission of On The Rise and a desire to further this mission through direct service to women.  Coursework in trauma, substance abuse, mental health, homelessness and other relevant topics are a plus.  Excellent active listening skills are needed as well as an empathetic non-judgmental perspective, ability to work well with a wide range of populations, good problem-solving skills and a sense of humor!


Direct service to women:

  • Provide general support for program participants through nonjudgmental, empathic active listening.
  • Provide referrals and advocacy to help program participant gain access to resources offered by other providers
  • Be a liaison between women in the Safe Haven and the goods and services available through the program. Answer questions, give access to secured goods as directed by Advocates, maintain generally available supplies.
  • Facilitate the daily offering of breakfast and lunch in the Safe Haven, helping with set-up, breakdown, and other logistics of meals.
  • Assist with Safe Haven communications – create and post informational signs and sign-up sheets, 
  • Work with staff to plan and execute occasional special activities and trips

Other programmatic services:

  • Participate in organization’s data collection and performance measurement and evaluation activities.
  • Attend semi-weekly Advocates Team meetings and weekly staff meetings to develop responses to individual cases, and develop understanding of program participants’ challenges.
  • Attend occasional trainings on specific topics, as recommended by staff.
  • Accompany staff on visits and appointments with program participants.
  • As appropriate accompany women on outside appointments.

Fundraising, Administrative and Other:

  • Support staff in supplying, organizing and maintaining program needs, offices and facility: food and supplies, files, tools, donations, etc.
  • Assist with occasional Development projects – publications, mailings, volunteer events, fundraisers, etc.
  • Like all OTR employees, Interns will be flexible and open to “pitching in” as needed with other duties that arise in the course of a small organization’s day-to-day operations

On The Rise is partially supported by MOVA through the 1984 VOCA grant from the Office of Victims of Crime, Office of Justice Programs, and the U.S. Department of Justice.

On The Rise recognizes the importance and benefits of diversity in the workplace and the community. We are an AA/EOE, and we strongly encourage people of color to apply. Individuals who have experienced homelessness or overcome other significant life challenges are strongly encouraged to apply.

How to Apply: 

Please address these questions in a cover letter:

  1. What excites you about On The Rise's mission?
  2. What are your strongest skills and qualifications that will help you in this internship?
  3. What do you hope to learn?

Please apply online by submitting your résumé and cover letter as attachments to: with "Academic Year Internship" in the subject line.

Bilingual Community Advocate

This full-time non-exempt position reports directly to the Safe Haven Manager.  One position on the 6-person Advocacy team is currently open.  This position may be filled by an experienced individual with high school or GED who has at least three years' direct service experience with trauma survivors, substance users, people with mental health issues and/or homelessness.  Relevant life experience will also be strongly considered for this position.  FLUENCY IN SPANISH IS REQUIRED.  


Direct Service to the Women

  • Providing broad-based, long-term emotional and general support to women in the Safe Haven, with other programs, and offsite (at the hospital, in court, at other community programs, etc.)
  • Working with women to help them articulate their needs, supporting them in meeting these needs, helping them work through issues including housing, drug and alcohol abuse and treatment, domestic violence, sexual assault, childhood and adult trauma, legal and criminal issues, parenting issues, physical and mental health concerns, benefits, budgeting, sexual identity and orientation, and more
  • Facilitating women’s access to other programs including information and referral, accompaniment to and advocacy at other agencies and programs, coordinating follow-up care and assistance
  • Crisis intervention and harm reduction, including assessment of danger and risk


  • Collaboration within the Advocacy Team to provide a safety net of support for women at OTR that is not wholly dependent on particular staff members, and to leverage the diverse skills of different team members in complex, multi-layered problem-solving 
  • Strengthening professional relationships within the continuum of service providers, enhancing the success and effectiveness of referrals between OTR and other programs, and providing a smoother integration for women into and through the system-- in keeping with OTR's "mortar between the bricks" philosophy
  • Acting as an occasional "ambassador" of OTR to community members, donors, and other interested parties at site visits, open houses, and other organizational events


  • Regular exercise of independent judgement and discretion
  • Participation in maintaining a safe, clean, healthy physical environment, adequate supplies, etc.
  • Certain aspects of day-to-day program management, e.g. meetings, scheduling, record-keeping and reporting
  • Active participation in program development and evaluation, identification of service gaps, etc.


  • Like all OTR employees, Community Advocates will be flexible and open to "pitching in" as needed with other duties that arise in the course of a 15-employee organization's day-to-day operations.
  • Like all OTR employees, Community Advocates are expected to strive to continuously increase skills and competence, e.g. taking advantage of opportunities for professional networking and continuing education


  • Personal experience with the issues facing the women who use our services (homelessness, trauma, substance use/abuse, domestic violence, physical/mental health issues,etc.)
  • Exceptional commitment to the mission of OTR and to furthering this mission through direct service to women
  • Demonstrated interest in or prior work with trauma, substance abuse, mental health, homelessness
  • Understanding of and/or prior work using harm reduction and relational approaches, and using these approaches to achieve social justice aims through direct service
  • Knowledge of human service agencies and programs throughout Greater Boston
  • Commitment and tact in contributing to the work of a multi-disciplinary team and assisting a diverse population, while maintaining personal standards and performance 
  • Desire to keep learning and stretching
  • Determination to "meet each woman where she is" using creative, professional approaches
  • Strength and self-knowledge in maintaining personal/professional boundaries, acknowledging personal limitations
  • Judgement and experience in helping women prioritize competing, often conflicting, needs
  • Rapport and discretion in dealing with sensitive, confidential matters
  • Sense of humor
  • Ability to work in a diverse and fast-paced environment, open to new ideas
  • Microsoft Office literacy and internet savvy

How To Apply:

Please email resume and cover letter addressing the following questions:
1.) What excites you about On The Rise's mission?
2.) What are your strongest skills and qualifications that will help you in this position?

Please submit your materials to with "Bilingual Community Advocate" in the subject line.


Operations Manager

The Operations Manager role is an opportunity for an experienced administrative professional to work at a managerial level in a part-time (32 hours per week) schedule.  The organization is in a period of growth and change, and seeks an individual with a systems focus who can elevate On The Rise’s operational practices in ways that add efficiency and support growth.  The Operations Manager supervises two full-time Operations Associates responsible for the essential administrative functions of the organization, and manages/coordinates:  an external bookkeeping service, an outsourced IT company, a payroll service, a cleaning service, and other contracted services.  The position reports to the Executive Director.  Due to the broad scope of responsibilities, the Operations Manager also has a “dotted line” reporting relationship with the Director of Programs and works closely with the Safe Haven Manager.



  •  Lead/manage purchasing and maintaining inventory of needed supplies and services for all aspects of the organization (programs, offices, facility, etc.)
  •  Coordinate purchasing with Development function to optimize donated goods and services
  • Supervise and review bookkeeping, cash receipts and disbursements, and account reconciliations
  •   Perform government contract billing and grant reporting
  • Manage budget, cash flow and internal financial controls
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual financial reporting
  • Annual audit preparation
  •  Support senior management team in financial planning, forecasting, budgeting

Facility and Office

  • Supervise the maintenance and operation of property and workspaces in >100-year-old Victorian house.  Space includes offices, heavily-used program space, utility & storage areas, yard/garden, and parking area – as well as structures and equipment like handicapped-accessible lift and home appliances – as well as office and building systems like HVAC, electrical, plumbing, phone, computer network and irrigation
  • Supervise 2 staff responsible for office administration, supplies and office systems, administrative support for program activities, etc.
  •  Recommend, negotiate, implement, and supervise capital projects and facility-related contracts and services

Human Resources

  • Facilitate and document recruitment, new hires, separations, and other changes in employment status
  • Initiate and manage payroll processing
  • Coordinate staff trainings and recreational events
  • Manage and administer employee benefits
  • Develop, implement, maintain employment policies

Contracts and Insurance and Risk Management

  •  Monitor/manage insurance coverage to ensure adequate risk management
  • Oversee compliance with legal and regulatory requirements regarding employment, government contracts, facilities, etc.

Information Technology                                                                                                 

  • Oversee and maintain technology systems, including internal policy, hardware, software and staff training
  • Supervise the collection, recording, and basic reporting of program data
  • Develop, test and implement practices for improving and maintaining data quality
  • Support senior staff in further developing data analysis and reporting


  • Like all OTR employees, the Operations Manager will be flexible and open to “pitching in” as needed with other duties that arise in the course of a 15-employee organization’s operations
  • Like all OTR employees, the Operations Manager is expected to strive to continuously increase skills and competence, e.g. taking advantage of opportunities for professional networking, continuing education and coaching.


  • Commitment to On The Rise’s mission and programmatic approach
  • BS in accounting and minimum 5 years of related work experience required
  • Supervisory experience required
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel) and QuickBooks required.  High degree of comfort with technology and online applications needed (PC environment)
  • Ability to work as a member of a team while maintaining independent discipline
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail; self-starter
  • Ability to prioritize and self-manage multiple tasks and projects
  • Ability to work in a diverse environment, with openness to new learning and perspectives
  • Sense of humor.  Dynamic, engaging and creative.  Some direct service experience or exposure to homeless/trauma a plus

How To Apply:

Please email resume and cover letter to with “Operations Manager” in the subject header.