It's easy! Host a drive with your company, school, religious organization, friends and family, or club.

Collect toiletries and/or clothing for the women of On The Rise. The in-kind needs of On The Rise change alongside the changing seasons. If you're interested in hosting a drive, please contact our Development & Engagement Coordinator, Brie Silva at to see how you can help the women we serve!

Gillian Grossman drive.jpg

 Current Needs:

  • Travel sized lotion and creams for body and hands

  • Razors

  • Water bottles

  • Chapstick

  • Cleansing wipes

Hosting a Drive FAQs:

  • How long should I hold the drive?

    • The longer the drive, the greater the opportunity to collect more necessary items for the women of On The Rise. We recommend collecting items for 4-6 weeks.

  • How do I get the word out?

    • Make signs, post of social media, make an announcement at your school, job, or organization that you are looking for donations from. Or ask us! Contact Development & Engagement Coordinator, Brie Silva at if you’d like us to speak with your schoolmates, colleagues, and peers about On The Rise and the work we do, and how these kinds of drives are so beneficial for the women we work with.

  • What should I look to collect?

    • Here at On The Rise, we strive to have the most in-season items for women. This means if you’re interested in holding a drive in spring, look to collect sunscreen, bug spray, hats and/or visors, water bottles, etc. If it’s the fall, look into lotions, scarves, gloves, warm boots. Also make sure to check in with Development & Engagement Coordinator, Brie Silva at to see what the current seasonal needs are for On The Rise.

Any questions, contact Brie Silva, Development & Engagement Coordinator at or 617-497-7968 x36.