On The Rise is a day program that works with women who:

  • Are homeless and lack a permanent, safe, secure place to live

  • Are in crisis

  • Have experienced traumatic physical and/or emotional abuse by people and/or systems

  • Are falling through the cracks of our human service system because of the multiple and complex issues they face, and

  • Are living in severe poverty (even after they are housed)


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Homelessness is about so much more than not having a home.  Women at On The Rise face a complicated web of challenges that are often the result of traumatic experiences like childhood abuse and domestic violence; health conditions like chronic diseases, physical disabilities, and mental illness; systemic issues like poverty, racism, and other forms of oppression; the lack of affordable housing, education and job training; and the destructive coping methods that lead to alcoholism, drug addiction, and legal issues. In a typical year, On The Rise serves nearly 450 women with the following demographics:


2018 Housing Statistics

Major Challenges 

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