2018 Prepare For Winter Dinner Event Chairs

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Sarah Lawson Headshots 2 edit-63.jpg

Doug Hanna and Sarah Lawson are honored to be hosting this year’s Prepare For Winter Dinner.

Doug Hanna co-founded S+H Construction 40 years ago, as a 20-something with a pick-up truck. Since then, he and his partner, Alex Slive, have turned S+H into one of the region’s premier residential construction companies, with a reputation for integrity, professionalism and quality. Doug is the father of three children. He plays the guitar and enjoys mountain biking.

Sarah Lawson has worked at S+H for 11 years, the last few years as the owner and president of the company. Her first construction job was building decks on her family’s house when she was in college. She and her sister managed to make the decks level and true, even though the beams embedded in the foundation (by another builder), were not! Sarah races masters track and field, and plays the acoustic bass.